June 8, 2023


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Don’t Stay In Jail Before You Are Convicted

What You Need To Know About Bail

Once you are charged with a crime, you can get arrested awaiting hearing. However, the arrest does not mean that you have to spend time in jail before you are actually convicted of the crime. You can still enjoy your freedom as you await your court date and this is something that is made possible through the bail. Bail is a simple agreement between you the defendant and the court for an amount of money to serve as assurance that you will actually return to the scheduled hearing in court.

The bail amount is usually a large amount and it is refunded when you actually show up for the hearing as agreed. In case you miss the date, you forfeit the amount paid and an arrest warrant is issued against you. Those unable to pay the bail amount have no choice but to remain in jail until their scheduled day in court. Trials can take months and it can be frustrating to have to say behind bars before you are convicted simply because you are unable to post bail.

How it works

If the bail set is too high for you or your family to afford, then you may need to work with a bail bond. A bail bond is quite like a personal loan. You will be needed to put a small percentage of the total amount required and then have a bail agent or bondsman provide the remaining amount. Collateral is usually required for the remaining amount to be given and this is what works as assurance. It could be property, house, car or even high priced jewelry. A bond company can be of assistance when it comes to the bonds and they prefer working with relatives and friends of the defendant because they would know where to find the accused in case they decide to disappear.

The bond types

Bail bonds come in different types and they include surety bond which is secured by the insurance company for the financial backing needed, property bond where the defendant’s house is put down as collateral for the release awaiting appearance in court; it can be sold in case the defendant fails to show up for a court date. You may also get some immunity from jail if the judge decides your crime is low level and there is no flight risk involved.

Your criminal defense attorney can help you with securing bail or bail bond once you have been arrested. It is always a good idea to contact a criminal lawyer as soon as you are arrested so they can help you out with every stage of the process including the bail and trials. You may be in luck to get free initial consultations and later enjoy flat rates for all services that your attorney will be offering to ensure that you have the most pleasant experience dealing with the charges against you. Choose an attorney, you can trust with transparency, especially as far as the charges are concerned.