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What Does Contract Grade Mean

What Does Contract Grade Mean Understanding Product Grades in Restoration Projects Restoring your property after weather-related damage or natural disasters can be a complex process. To make informed decisions, it’s crucial to grasp the concept of product grades, which play a pivotal role in the pricing of your project estimate and insurance appraisal. These grades, applicable to various products and materials used in both commercial and residential restoration, encompass different price ranges and levels of quality. By comprehending these product grades, you can effectively manage your home or business restoration project while staying within budget.

Deciphering Product Grades

What Does Contract Grade Mean
What Does Contract Grade Mean

During a restoration project, you may encounter terms like “builder grade,” “quality grade,” “custom grade,” or “ultra-custom grade” to describe products and building materials like cabinets, windows, flooring, roofing, or doors. These grades indicate the construction quality and durability of a product. Here’s a brief overview:

  1. Builder Grade: These are budget-friendly options available in standard sizes and configurations. They are often mass-produced, making them cost-effective. While they may lack customization options, builder grade products can offer good quality and performance.
  2. Quality Grade: Similar to builder grade, these products provide affordability and reliability but with potentially improved features and durability.
  3. Custom Grade: Custom-grade products are high-end and customizable to meet precise specifications. While they offer the utmost quality, they come at a higher price point and are typically not readily available in hardware stores.
  4. Ultra-Custom Grade: This represents the pinnacle of quality and customization, with products tailored to exact requirements. Ultra-custom grade products are typically the most expensive and may require special orders.

It’s important to note that these grades are general categorizations rather than specific standards. They reflect different tiers of quality, manufacturing processes, materials, and relative pricing.

“Like Kind and Quality” in Restoration

What Does Contract Grade Mean
What Does Contract Grade Mean

When filing an insurance claim for property damage caused by natural disasters, the term “like kind and quality” often appears in coverage descriptions. This means your property will be restored to a condition very similar to its pre-damage state, using the same grade, composition, and quality of materials. For instance, if the original flooring cost $1 per square foot, the insurance policy will cover similar-priced flooring to maintain consistency.

However, the “like kind and quality” clause doesn’t limit your choices. If you prefer to use more expensive or higher-grade materials, you can do so by submitting a change order.

Change Orders and Upgrades

What Does Contract Grade Mean
What Does Contract Grade Mean

A change order allows property owners to opt for more expensive materials than those covered by insurance. If you want to upgrade materials during renovation, you can request a change order to cover the cost difference. Additionally, if unforeseen damage is discovered during the restoration, a supplement can be submitted to address additional repair costs not initially covered.

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Why Product Grades Matter to Customers

What Does Contract Grade Mean
What Does Contract Grade Mean

Understanding product grades empowers you to make informed decisions during restoration or renovation. By considering factors like durability, availability, and budget, you can prioritize premium products where they matter most while opting for cost-effective solutions where they suffice. This balance allows you to make the most of your budget and tailor your project to your specific needs.

In the end, choosing a reputable contractor is crucial. A trusted restoration specialist will clarify product grades, offer transparent cost estimates, and ensure your satisfaction with the final result.

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