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How To Cancel Legal Shield

How To Cancel Legal Shield Introduction: Have you ever watched a TV show where someone threatened to call their attorney and thought, “I wish I could afford a lawyer on call”? LegalShield offers a solution to this wish. For a low monthly fee, LegalShield provides access to attorneys for various services, including document reviews, letter writing, and even estate planning.

What Is LegalShield? Founded in 1972 as PrePaid Legal Services, Inc. by Harland Stonecipher, LegalShield was born out of Stonecipher’s struggle to pay legal fees after a no-fault auto accident. His vision was to make legal representation affordable for everyone. Over the years, LegalShield has grown and now boasts nearly 2 million members, with almost 50 years of experience in meeting legal needs.

LegalShield offers coverage plans for individuals, families, and small businesses. Members gain access to a wide range of legal services, including:

  1. Phone consultations on an unlimited number of legal issues.
  2. The LegalShield app for quick assistance with traffic violations.
  3. Discounted legal services for comprehensive support.
  4. Estate planning services.

How Does LegalShield Work? LegalShield collaborates with experienced attorneys and law firms throughout the United States. These attorneys have an average of 22 years of experience, reflecting LegalShield’s commitment to selecting top-tier legal partners.

Here’s how LegalShield works:

How To Cancel Legal Shield
How To Cancel Legal Shield
  1. Member Contact: As a member, you contact LegalShield’s customer service line when you have a legal need.
  2. Guidance: A LegalShield customer service representative advises you on your next steps. You may receive instructions via the LegalShield app or be directed to a partner attorney in your area.

Benefits for Law Firms: You might wonder why law firms are willing to provide these services for free or at discounted rates. LegalShield compensates law firms using member fees for participating in the program. Additionally, LegalShield offers free marketing for law firms, creating a passive marketing plan that connects them with potential clients. Law firms can also earn extra income for services exceeding membership coverage.

LegalShield Personal Plan: LegalShield’s Personal Plan is available for just $24.95 per month, with the flexibility to cancel at any time. This plan covers the member, their spouse, and dependents. Features include:

  1. Free attorney consultations by phone.
  2. Attorney assistance with letter writing and phone calls.
  3. Document reviews for up to 15 pages.
  4. Standard Will, Living Will, and Durable Trusts at no additional cost.
  5. Defense for moving violations.
  6. Assistance with mortgage document preparation and review.
  7. Representation for uncontested separations, divorces, adoptions, name changes, and more.
  8. 24/7 emergency access to attorneys for specified situations.
  9. Civil suit representation for members and their spouses.
  10. Legal help for IRS audits.
  11. And more, including court trial and preparation time that increases during the first five years of membership.

The Personal Plan also offers a 25% discount on member attorneys’ hourly rates and discounts on over 500 popular brands, such as Costco.

Add-Ons: LegalShield’s Personal Plan allows for add-on programs at an extra monthly cost, catering to specific needs like home-based business coverage, trial defense, gun owner coverage, rideshare and delivery driver coverage, and commercial drivers’ legal plans.

Commercial Drivers Legal Plan: For commercial vehicle drivers, LegalShield offers a plan at $32.95 per month, covering over-the-road and local drivers. It includes protection against various violations, accidents, property damage, and personal injury, addressing the unique legal challenges faced by commercial drivers.

Business Plan, Features, and Pricing: 

How To Cancel Legal Shield
How To Cancel Legal Shield

LegalShield’s Business Plan provides options tailored to small businesses. All LegalShield Business plans include advice on business issues, consultation in areas like copyright, patent, and trademark, MEMBERPerks discounts, and a 25% discount on paid legal services. Here’s a summary of the plans:

  1. SMB Legal Essentials ($49 per month):
    • 10 letters or phone calls per year (up to 3 per month).
    • 10 document reviews each year (up to 15 pages each, up to 3 per month).
    • 5 collection letters sent per month.
  2. SMB Legal Plus ($99 per month):
    • 20 letters or phone calls per year (up to 5 per month).
    • 20 document reviews each year (up to 20 pages each, up to 5 per month).
    • 10 collection letters sent per month.
    • IRS audit legal services (25 hours of help).
    • Additional services available for an extra fee.
  3. SMB Legal Pro ($169 per month):
    • 40 letters or phone calls per year (up to 10 per month).
    • 40 document reviews each year (up to 25 pages each, up to 10 per month).
    • 15 collection letters sent per month.
    • IRS audit legal services (50 hours of help).
    • Additional services available for an extra fee.

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LegalShield Pros and Cons:

How To Cancel Legal Shield
How To Cancel Legal Shield

 LegalShield offers many advantages but also has some drawbacks. Here’s a summary of both:


  • Affordable legal services for individuals, families, and businesses.
  • Coverage for a wide range of legal issues.
  • 24/7 emergency assistance for critical situations.
  • Flexible add-ons to meet specific needs.
  • Membership can be canceled at any time.


  • A non-refundable $10 enrollment fee.
  • No free trial or money-back guarantees.
  • Limited coverage in specific circumstances.

LegalShield as a Side Hustle: LegalShield also offers the opportunity to earn money by becoming a LegalShield associate. Associates receive commissions for each sign-up and a portion of the monthly fees from their clients. Longevity and client retention can lead to additional earnings. Success depends on the level of commitment and maintaining client relationships.

LegalShield Reviews: Reviews for LegalShield on Trustpilot and Facebook are generally positive, with scores of 4.0 and 4.4 out of 5 stars, respectively. Negative reviews often relate to difficulties with attorneys or unmet service expectations. LegalShield associates are proactive in addressing client concerns and ensuring positive outcomes.

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Who Is LegalShield For? 

How To Cancel Legal Shield
How To Cancel Legal Shield

LegalShield is an excellent choice for individuals seeking affordable estate planning services and those who value easy access to legal assistance. It can also be a rewarding side hustle for those interested in helping others and building a flexible business. However, if you have comprehensive insurance coverage or substantial financial resources, LegalShield may not be necessary. Ultimately, your unique needs and circumstances will determine if LegalShield is the right fit for you.