June 23, 2024


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What Is A Volunteer Solicitor

What Is A Volunteer Solicitor If you decide to volunteer with us, you’ll embark on a unique journey to assist with all facets of the legal process, from initial client interactions to courtroom hearings. We equip you with the skills necessary to advocate for some of society’s most vulnerable individuals, entrusting you with the responsibility of managing their cases at every stage. This experience is especially valuable for those aspiring to become barristers or solicitors. Past volunteers have achieved pupillages, vacation schemes, training contracts, RCJ Judicial Assistant roles, GDL/BPC scholarships, and Central London paralegal and legal assistant positions following their tenure with us.

Please note that this opportunity is not remote. You will work from the premises of Kesar & Co Solicitors, providing you with the chance to network with and seek guidance from their talented team of solicitors, caseworkers, and paralegals.

We are actively seeking talented individuals to join our team and work on important cases. Your skills will not go unnoticed here, and you will make a significant impact on people’s lives. The individuals we represent often feel they have lost hope of receiving fair treatment; your involvement can reintroduce positivity into their lives.

Typically, we recruit volunteers on an ongoing basis and require a commitment of one weekday per week (approximately 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM) for a minimum of three months.

Volunteer Researcher

What Is A Volunteer Solicitor
What Is A Volunteer Solicitor

In addition to our caseworker opportunities, we are now offering research roles. While we had to temporarily pause this position due to increased caseloads, we are excited to relaunch it early in the Michaelmas term following a successful summer with our vacation scheme interns.

Research responsibilities will include both self-guided and collaborative work. You will have the freedom to select the most relevant sources for your research and collaborate with other team members to develop research papers. Additionally, we aim to streamline processes for our clients and caseworkers by creating databases, self-help kits, and easily understandable forms. We also plan to translate these materials into other languages to ensure that our vulnerable clients have access to justice and remedies for their complaints.

These research opportunities are remote, and our current researchers are primarily law students who commit an average of 3 hours per week.

Application Process

What Is A Volunteer Solicitor
What Is A Volunteer Solicitor

Our recruitment process is based on the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrated interest and motivation in our areas of work.
  2. Academic achievements, typically evidenced through LLB, GDL, LLM, LPC, or BPC results.
  3. Relevant skills (for casework, emphasize interpersonal skills; for research, highlight research abilities).

To apply, please submit an updated CV (no more than two pages, font size 12) and a cover letter (no more than 500 words) outlining your motivation and interest in our work. Please send applications to [email protected].

Use the subheading “Volunteer Caseworker Application,” “Volunteer Legal Assistant Application,” or “Volunteer Researcher Application” as applicable, along with the date and session. Please be aware that it may take some time for us to respond and accommodate you, as we prioritize our client support. Rest assured, we do not reject applicants through silence.

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Blogging Opportunity

What Is A Volunteer Solicitor
What Is A Volunteer Solicitor

This role can complement the positions mentioned above or be pursued independently. Regardless of your stage in your career or whether you have a legal background, if you are passionate about our cause, you can contribute to our upcoming blog.

The blog will address critical issues faced by our clients, with a particular focus on mental health and disability discrimination (though we welcome entries on pressing prison-related topics).

To apply to contribute alongside other roles, state your interest in your email. To apply solely as a blogger, email [email protected] with the subject title “Blog Contributor Application.” In your email, provide a brief introduction about yourself and what you would like to write about. If you wish to become a regular contributor, outline your motivations and include your CV.

We welcome opinion pieces, research articles, and personal experiences (especially from those with experience in the prison system).

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Volunteer Trustee

What Is A Volunteer Solicitor
What Is A Volunteer Solicitor

We are also offering the opportunity to join our board of Trustees, which can be done remotely.

As the Intervene Project continues to grow, we are seeking new trustees who share our values and can support our mission. We primarily rely on trustees to assist with fundraising to sustain our project. This includes obtaining funding, safeguarding funds, promoting our reputation, and protecting our clients’ interests.

Expectations for trustees include:

  • Quarterly remote board meetings.
  • Quarterly meetings with our project manager.
  • Outreach to potential donors.
  • Assistance with fundraising applications.
  • Participation in fundraising events, such as the Legal Walk & Legal Quiz.
  • Promotion of our activities through social media.

Fundraising is the current primary focus for trustees, but there will be opportunities for involvement in other areas, including developing training materials and self-help guides for volunteers and clients on various legal topics.

If you share our values and are passionate about our cause, consider applying to become a trustee today. Simply contact us at [email protected], providing a brief description of your relevant life experiences and motivations (no more than 600 words). Your involvement can make a significant difference in advancing our mission.