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Who Went Home On Crime Scene Kitchen Tonight

Who Went Home On Crime Scene Kitchen Tonight In the most recent episode of Crime Scene Kitchen 2023, we bid farewell to Kristy and Tarsha as they were eliminated in Episode 9. This followed the earlier eliminations of Jenae and Christina, as well as Dayveon and Donovan in prior episodes.

The Thrill of Crime Scene Kitchen

Who Went Home On Crime Scene Kitchen Tonight
Who Went Home On Crime Scene Kitchen Tonight

Crime Scene Kitchen, which made its debut on May 26, 2021, made a captivating return for its second season on June 5, 2023. This reality baking competition series continues to tantalize viewers with its thrilling culinary guessing game, sure to leave anyone’s taste buds tingling with anticipation.

Season 2 introduces a dozen fresh teams of bakers, consisting of six teams of amateur bakers and six teams of classically trained bakers. Returning judges Curtis Stone and Yolanda Gampp resume their roles, while Joel McHale once again guides the competition as the host.

Each episode presents contestants with a unique challenge: they must create a dessert by deciphering clues left in a kitchen, including trails of flour, crumbs, and other hints. Their task is to recreate the dessert they identify from scratch, and the team with the weakest performance in the second round faces elimination.

Recap of Eliminations

Who Went Home On Crime Scene Kitchen Tonight
Who Went Home On Crime Scene Kitchen Tonight

To recap the eliminations:

  • Steph and Cherry were eliminated in Episode 8.
  • Torre & Michelle, Dayveon and Donovan, and Jenae and Christina were eliminated in prior episodes.

The competition unfolds through two rounds per episode, starting with a safety round where bakers hunt for clues, including baking tools, food scraps, or other items relevant to the recipe. The team that comes closest to unraveling the mystery dessert gains immunity and advances to the following week’s crime scene challenge.

The remaining teams must return to another crime scene kitchen for the elimination round. The baking duo with the lowest performance is sent home each week. Contestants must think creatively to progress to the next round and inch closer to the coveted $100,000 cash prize.

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Highlights from Selected Episodes

Who Went Home On Crime Scene Kitchen Tonight
Who Went Home On Crime Scene Kitchen Tonight
  • Episode 1: Welcome Self-Taught Bakers: Season 2, Episode 1 saw the baking duos discovering that the mystery item was not just any pie but a citrus pie. The teams presented various interpretations, such as Key Lime Pie, Lemon Chiffon Pie, Citrus Curd Pie, and Lemon Meringue Pie. Ultimately, the dessert from the crime scene was revealed to be an Atlantic Beach Pie (also known as a Broadwalk Pie), with Steph and Cherry securing victory in the safety round.
  • Episode 2: Meet the Classically-Trained Competition: Episode 2 introduced the classically trained bakers. They were tasked with making various flavored donuts, and Laissa and Camille emerged victorious. However, Jenae and Christina faced elimination.
  • Episode 3: Self-Taught Not So Simple: In the third week, the self-taught bakers tackled a twist on a beloved classic dessert. Team Cherry & Steph triumphed in the challenge. Sadly, Torre & Mitchell were eliminated.
  • Episode 7: The Merge – A Total Crepe Shoot: With six teams remaining in week seven, the classically trained bakers went head-to-head against the self-taught bakers. T and Fadi secured victory in the first challenge. Unfortunately, Sally and Sherry were eliminated after a challenging 30-layer crepe cake competition.

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Meet the Judges and Contestants

Who Went Home On Crime Scene Kitchen Tonight
Who Went Home On Crime Scene Kitchen Tonight

Season 2 of Crime Scene Kitchen boasts a panel of esteemed judges:

  • Yolanda Gampp: A renowned YouTuber and self-taught Canadian baker who co-judges the newest season of the Fox cooking show. Yolanda’s channel gained rapid success and she is known for her appearances in SugarStars and as the owner of Cakes by Yolanda and Sweet Fix.
  • Curtis Stone: An acclaimed Australian chef with a rich history in culinary television. Stone is known for his shows like Take Home Chef and his role as the fresh food and recipe ambassador for Coles Supermarkets Australia. He also owns multiple restaurants, including Maude and Gwen.

The contestants in Season 2 of Crime Scene Kitchen encompass both classically trained and self-taught bakers, offering a diverse range of talents and experiences. The competition is fierce, and only the most skilled bakers will advance in this high-stakes culinary guessing game.